Call-out to oppose the EDL in Manchester – THIS SATURDAY!

Whit a weekend. We saw 20 odd EDL turn up in Cambridge, all clutching beer cans and arguing with each other to the massed amusements of anti-fascists everywhere and then some local ‘chav scrotes’ attacked the entire Doncaster division, i.e., some bloke from Donny. We also saw the scab outfit NWI attempting to attack an anti-cuts meeting in Manchester.

Although it is clear that the EDL is on the brink of collapse and the fragmentation caused by their inability to get on with each other has created a bunch of tiny groupsucles who hate each other, it is essential that all anti-fascists get to Manchester on the 2nd March to demonstrate and in a show of strength and solidarity:

‘If you can’t beat them when they are weak, how can you expect to beat them when they are strong?’

At the moment the EDL are claiming the march for their own and promising that ‘Manchester [is] the peoples demo for the people by the people and whatever you hear we are marching there’s no kettles and no pens.’ Really?

The EDL are going to go through Manchester not totally surrounded by plod for their own safety? Jings! Meanwhile, the Cagoules Unlimited and the Infidel-boys are claiming it is a North West Alliance march and they should all unite but not with the EDL:

‘There will be no infighting. We sent a message at Cambridge by staying away, now we turn out and send another message. We wont stand by and see one or two twats destroy our movement from within.’

Who gets up on the platform to speak on the EDL regimental bugle will be interesting. It will be worth turning up for just to see them fighting each other.

Manchester anti-fascists

Stand Against The EDL In Manchester – Saturday March 2nd

Meet-up: 11am onwards, Piccadilly Gardens, Central Manchester

The EDL are coming to Manchester. They aren’t what they were, but they have not gone away. Their leader, Stephen Lennon, a violent repeat offender who has made jokes about the Oslo massacre, is soon to be released from a prison sentence for immigration offences!

Countless balls-ups and splits may have reduced them, but they’re no less riddled with nazis and fascists, who they’ve actively courted to the Manchester demo.

The far right has splintered in recent times – many hardcore groups like North West Infidels will be lurking at this event, spouting hatred and looking for trouble.

Stand up to the lying bullies, bigots and fascists in Manchester!

Last year the EDL and other far rightists were humiliated in Brighton, London, Bristol and elsewhere.

Make sure Manchester lives up to our proud traditions!

For more visit the website of the newly founded group, ACA Manchester.

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