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“Worcester City’s Lee Smith in racism row”

As FIFA president Sepp Blatter makes the absurd claim that racism doesn’t occur on the football pitch amidst the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand racism saga, 28-year-old local lad, Lee Smith, shows what an ignorant twat he is after a comment made from his Twitter account.

The winger for Worcester City Football Club, who is from Gloucester and still lives in the county, posted a comment on his Twitter page on armistice day saying: “Respect to all the heroes 11/11/11 now to all the illegal *****, fuck off out of are country all call of duty could become a reality – kill um.”

Lee Smith – the Worcester City winger who thinks making jokes about killing illegal immigrants is ‘banter’

He later removed the comment and deleted his profile, claiming he did not realise the comment was open for everyone to see and that he ‘can’t be a racist as he has black friends.’ The idiot later said, “I am not going to apologise because what I said is what I think, because a lot of the illegal immigrants have taken jobs from people here.”

Worcester City Football Club has been quick to distance themselves from the comments and have suspended him from the team. Vice chairman, Colin Layland, has said, “We take racism very seriously, this took us all by surprise. We are involved in Kick Out Racism, which has basically been taken out of our hands by someone we employ.”

3 Counties AFA believe the solution is quite simple; take the lead on the issue of racism in football and make an active stand by showing the silly prick where to go.

Local plod are currently investigating.

*Update from the Worcester Evening News 23.11.11 – Twitter row footballer arrested

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