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“City star Lee Smith pays cost for race rant”

A FORMER Worcester City footballer who posted a racist tweet against immigrants on Remembrance Day has been ordered to pay £600 in fines and costs.

Lee Smith, aged 28, used foul language in the tweet, which called for illegal immigrants to be killed.

The tweet, which referred to the war-based online game Call of Duty, was spotted by a journalist who reported it to police and Smith was arrested.

After he was charged for the offence Smith’s contract was not renewed at Worcester and he has since been unable to find another football club to sign him, magistrates in Cheltenham were told yesterday.

Smith denied posting a racially aggravated, threatening, abusive or insulting tweet which was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

But he was convicted and fined £100 plus £500 costs.

His assertion that he had meant to send two tweets but got them mixed up into one which gave an impression of racism was dismissed by the bench.

In his offensive tweet, on November 11 last year, midfielder Smith, of Arreton Road, Gloucester, said he respected all the heroes of 11/11/11 “but all the illegal foreign ***** should **** off out of out of the country.or Call of Duty could become a reality – kill um”.

Derek Ryder, prosecuting, said: “His use of words including ‘kill um’ showed his hostility towards illegal immigrants.

“And foreigners has been taken as a reference to a racial group in previous cases.”

Smith told police he was not used to using Twitter and thought he had just been talking to friends.

He said he just wanted to give respect to the heroes in the armed services for what they had done, and he did not think it was right that illegal immigrants should be taking jobs from people in this country.

“Call of Duty was nothing to do with that,” he told police. “It was a reference to going online and playing the game with friends later. I meant it to be a different thing. I was not making a reference to killing illegal immigrants and it was not meant to be in the same message.

“I don’t want them to be harmed in any way.

“I’m not very good at Twitter because I have not been doing it very long.”

He said he made the tweet on his phone but had since lost it. Lisa Ellis, defending, said Smith would not be giving evidence.

“Mr Smith had no reason to believe that any person would be caused distress by the tweet,” she said.

“He is not familiar with the site and is not a regular user.”

Finding him guilty, chairman of the bench Mike Stayte said: “The words demonstrated hostility and were abusive and insulting and the reference to Call of Duty was a real threat.” Smith was ordered to pay a fine of £100, victim surcharge of £15 and costs of £500.


“Footballer to face trial for ‘racist’ Twitter message”

A WORCESTER City Football Club player who likened killing illegal immigrants to a popular video game will now appear in a criminal court in a U-turn decision by prosecutors and police.

City midfielder Lee Smith, aged 28, will appear at Gloucester Magistrates Court on Friday, May 18, charged with writing racially aggravated words likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to the public say police.

It leaves the player’s future at St George’s Lane in doubt, with his contract up at the end of the season.

Smith has always denied any wrong-doing since posting the comments on Armistice Day last year, and apologised for any offence given at the time as we reported.

He made the comments on his now deleted Twitter social media account sparking an online row, with some branding him a racist – a claim he denied.

On November 11, he posted: “Respect to all the heroes 11/11/11 now to all the illegal *****, **** off out of are country all call of duty could become a reality – kill um.”

Smith later said he had “not meant to offend anyone”.

At the time, police gave Smith a stern talking to but said there would be “no further action against him”.

It has since emerged over the weekend that Gloucestershire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have decided to issue Smith a summons to court over his comments following what the police force had said was “a joint review of the circumstances of the case”. When asked what had prompted the review, a spokeswoman for the force said “where a decision has been made for no further action [to be taken] that decision can then be reviewed. That is why he was issued a court summons, rather than being charged,” she said.

Asked if the review had taken place because of pressure from the public, the force spokeswoman said it was not the case.

“We weren’t getting calls about it – the review was carried out jointly by police and the CPS.”

Colin Layland, city’s vice-chairman, said the club had only become aware Smith had been summonsed to court at the weekend.

He said Smith’s contract ran until the end of the season and “any decisions on the football side will be taken by the manager”.

Carl Heeley, club manager, said “everything had already been said” on the matter and declined to comment further.

Mr Smith declined to comment.

Article taken from The Worcester Evening News Tuesday 17th April 2012.

“Worcester City’s Lee Smith in racism row”

As FIFA president Sepp Blatter makes the absurd claim that racism doesn’t occur on the football pitch amidst the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand racism saga, 28-year-old local lad, Lee Smith, shows what an ignorant twat he is after a comment made from his Twitter account.

The winger for Worcester City Football Club, who is from Gloucester and still lives in the county, posted a comment on his Twitter page on armistice day saying: “Respect to all the heroes 11/11/11 now to all the illegal *****, fuck off out of are country all call of duty could become a reality – kill um.”

Lee Smith – the Worcester City winger who thinks making jokes about killing illegal immigrants is ‘banter’

He later removed the comment and deleted his profile, claiming he did not realise the comment was open for everyone to see and that he ‘can’t be a racist as he has black friends.’ The idiot later said, “I am not going to apologise because what I said is what I think, because a lot of the illegal immigrants have taken jobs from people here.”

Worcester City Football Club has been quick to distance themselves from the comments and have suspended him from the team. Vice chairman, Colin Layland, has said, “We take racism very seriously, this took us all by surprise. We are involved in Kick Out Racism, which has basically been taken out of our hands by someone we employ.”

3 Counties AFA believe the solution is quite simple; take the lead on the issue of racism in football and make an active stand by showing the silly prick where to go.

Local plod are currently investigating.

*Update from the Worcester Evening News 23.11.11 – Twitter row footballer arrested

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