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Ravi Gill Released

From Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

Ravi Gill was released from HMP Wayland this morning after completing half of a 21 month sentence imposed last year following the first Welling antifascist trial. He thanks everyone for the support he received while inside.

Ravi was one of seven antifascists fitted-up on conspiracy charges after a German neo-Nazi was floored at Welling train station.

A further sixteen antifascists were acquitted.

Six comrades went to jail in the case, with one subsequently being deported. Ravi Gill is the last prisoner to be released.

Support Needed For Antifascist Prisoner

From Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

Ravinder Gill is one of the six UK antifascists imprisoned last year after being fitted-up for ‘conspiracy to cause violent disorder’.

While the other five comrades have all been released, either subject to curfew on electronic tag, or in the case of Thomas Blak to deportation, Ravi Gill remains in prison.

Ravi is an avid reader, but books sent to him by Haven Distribution, a supplier approved by the Prison Service, are being withheld from him by the Governor of Wayland, Kevin Reilly.

Ravi’s complaints about this abuse of power and violation of the Human Rights Act are simply being ignored by this jumped up ‘Little Hitler’.

We therefore ask you to send cards, letters, faxes to Mr Reilly asking him to explain himself. You can also phone him. Please take a few minutes to show Ravi Gill that he is not alone.

Kevin Reilly
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Tel – 01953 804100
Fax – 01953 804220

Letters of support to Ravi at:

Ravinder Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Leeds Anti-Fascist Film Festival a ‘Storming Success’

No Pasaran!  took place at the Space Project close to Leeds city centre over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of February. For all their boasts of attacking the event, the best the neo-Nazi stormtroopers could manage was a few swastikas, daubed in the dead of night on a wall below the venue, and quickly painted over long before the event commenced.

The audience attentively watch 'Living Utopia' on Sunday afternoon.

Despite the freezing outside temperatures and thick snow, No Pasaran! was attended by antifascists from all over the country, with a fantastic atmosphere throughout. A great deal of effort was put into the event, so it was very gratifying to receive such unanimously positive feedback from those who attended. As well as educating people about past and present antifascist struggles, and hopefully inspiring them to stand up (or continue to stand) and be counted as an antifascist, the festival was also a benefit for antifascist prisoners, and we are grateful for the generosity of the donations received. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support the event and to those who helped out over the weekend.

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

To read the full report go here

Leeds anti-fascist film festie


Saturday 4th February

11.00am – Auschwitz – Recollections Of Prisoner No. 1327 – Kazimir Smolen survived four and a half years in the Nazi concentration camp. In this Polish-made documentary, he returns there to tell his tale. Running time 42 minutes.

12.00 Noon – Remembering Auschwitz – A short talk by Javaad Alipoor and Imran Manzoor about the infamous death-camp and their work in taking West Yorkshire teenagers to visit the site.

1.00pm – Conspiracy (15) – The chilling true story of how, at a short conference in Wansee, just outside Berlin, in 1942, the Nazis decided on ‘The Final Solution’ to the European ‘Jewish Problem’. Stars Kenneth Branagh and Stanley Tucci. Running time 92 minutes.

3pm – When The Violins Stopped Playing – A short talk about the Gypsy Holocaust.

3.30pm – Edelweiss Pirates (15) – Politically and culturally the Edelweiss Pirates were the polar opposite of the Hitler Youth. This film focuses on a group of young Edelweiss Pirates in Cologne towards the end of World War Two. In German with English subtitles. Running time 96 minutes.

5.30pm – The 43 Group – Returning home after World War Two, many Jewish ex-servicemen and women were astonished to see Oswald Mosely’s fascists once again trying to stir-up anti-Semitism on the streets. This short film chronicles the militant response of the antifascist 43 Group.

6.00pm – Antifascist recollections from the 1970’s – A short reading.

6.10pm – The Welling Case – A talk about last year’s prosecution of 20 antifascists on trumped-up ‘conspiracy’ charges by one of those acquitted.

6.20pm – Spinach Fer Britain – The 1943 anti-Nazi Popeye cartoon which wasn’t released until 2003.

6.30pm – Laughing At The Enemy – Bod Green tells some of his favourite antifascist jokes, including some genuine 1930’s gems.

7.00pm – The Army Of Crime (15) – The true story of one of the most notorious resistance groups in Nazi-occupied France. In an attempt to discredit them, they were dubbed ‘The Army of Crime’ by the fascists they fought against. French (mainly) with English subtitles. Running time approximately 135 minutes.

Sunday 5th February

12.00 Noon – Land And Freedom (15) – Ken Loach’s inspiring film about the Spanish Civil War, which follows a (fictional) young antifascist volunteer who leaves his native Liverpool to go and fight in Spain. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. Running time 109 minutes.

2.30pm – Living Utopia, The Anarchists & The Spanish Revolution – Juan Gamero’s 1997 documentary, which contains moving and inspiring interviews with 30 survivors of the Spanish Revolution. Regarded by many as the best film of the genre. Spanish with English subtitles. Running time 95 minutes.

4.30pm – The Anarchist Black Cross – A short talk about the work of Leeds ABC.

5.00pm – Pan’s Labrynth (18) – Guillermo Del Toro weaves fairy-tale imagery into this powerful film set in post Civil War Spain. Spanish with English subtitles. Running time 119 minutes.

7.15pm – The Dead Fascist Quiz – What it says on the tin!

7.45pm – To The Barricades! – Javaad Alipoor performs a set of international antifascist songs.

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