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Mondiali Antirazzisti 2013

This is a report and a couple of pictures sent it to us from a supporter who recently visited Mondiali Antirazzisti 2013, the annual anti-racist football world cup tournament held in Modena, Italy.

Hereford United Anti-Fascists

Hereford United Anti-Fascists sticker

“The festival, which attracted thousands of anti-racist activists, anti-fascist football fans, teams and Ultras groups from around the world, was a blinding success and a great show of international solidarity and anti-racism.

The weekend included a local guided tour about the Partisans who fought Mussolini and his fascist troops, talks and displays on anti-racism/fascism locally and around the world.

The main event was the 7-a-side football tournament, with over 150 teams taking part. There was also music from Italian anti-fascist legends, Los Fastidios and 99 Posse, lots of drinking, chanting and pyro displays from some of the Ultra groups.

Links were made with locals from Modena and Bologna Antifascists and some from other parts of Europe.

It was great to see such a large and diverse group of people come together for one common cause, to have fun and and to remind ourselves why we fight fascism – a really great show of our strength. ¡No pasarán!”

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