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“Sick nurse struck off after viewing vile nazi sites while on ward duty”

From The Birmingham Mail

Bryan Neal Harris watched rape, torture and murder while working at the Hill Crest Mental Health Unit in Redditch, Worcestershire

Bryan Harris’s internet history included sites relating to Auschwitz, above, as well as torture methods and instruments.

Bryan Harris’s internet history included sites relating to Auschwitz, above, as well as torture methods and instruments.

A mental health nurse who browsed the web for torture techniques and toured Nazi death camp websites while on duty has been struck off the nursing register.

Bryan Neal Harris also researched the history of Hitler’s infamous SS henchmen, viewed clips of fatal motor racing accidents and accessed sites about the torture, murder and rape of prisoners.

He looked at the sites while working at the Hill Crest Mental Health Unit in Redditch, Worcestershire – in the grounds of the town’s Alexandra Hospital.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has issued the order to strike him off, meaning he can never work in the profession again.

They found that vulnerable patients had “suffered” because of the experienced nurse’s “irresponsible” behaviour and misconduct.

Harris, who has since fled to South Africa, accessed the vile websites between July 2, 2010 and January 12, 2011 on a work computer at the unit’s Hillcrest Ward, where he had been employed for 24 years.

A spokesman for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust said: “We have very clear policies on the use of the internet and any member of staff who is found to be using it inappropriately or excessively will face disciplinary action.

Hill Crest Mental Health Unit in Redditch

Hill Crest Mental Health Unit in Redditch

“Cases like this are extremely rare for our Trust and the vast majority of our staff act in accordance with the policy and the guidelines provided.”

Harris was also found guilty of asking healthcare assistant Kirsten Buck to give patients emergency medication, despite her not being qualified to do so, during a two-and-a-half year period from February 2009. The panel heard that Harris had confessed to assessing whether patients needed emergency medication simply by “looking at them through a window” at an earlier disciplinary hearing.

Ms Buck also told the panel how Harris’s computer usage “made the shifts stressful as he did not attend to his other duties on the ward”.


Darren Levett, who is now the Acute Lead for Adult Mental Health at the Trust, retrieved Harris’s disturbing internet history during an investigation launched after a patient complained about his attitude and behaviour in January 2011.

He uncovered numerous sites relating to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, torture methods and instruments, the SS, abuse of prisoners, serious car accidents and trailers for gory horror films including Saw IV and Saw V. Harris then tried to pin the blame on two other colleagues, saying they had logged in under his name.

But Mr Levett told the NMC panel that staff members would be automatically logged off a computer once it had been inactive for two to five minutes, and anyone using the computer after that would have to log in with their own username and password.

Harris has 28 days to appeal the decision. He is said to be in South Africa and has not provided the NMC with a forwarding address.

The Hill Crest Mental Health Unit looks after adults suffering mental health issues, and offers an intensive recovery service, consultant psychiatry, psychology and help with eating disorders.

It has 18 in-patient beds and also offers out-patient consultation and counselling.

Swastikas sprayed on walls and windows of Redditch mosque during break-in

“MEETINGS are to take place between police and Muslim leaders after a Redditch mosque was attacked and racist graffiti, including swastikas, was painted on the building.


The damage at the mosque in Jinnah Road was caused between 2am and shortly before 4.30am this morning, when it was discovered by a targeted police patrol.

Graffiti including swastikas had been sprayed onto walls and at least six windows, using paint taken from builders’ cabins on the site, which is still under construction.

Photo from BBC news website

Photo from BBC news website

Entry to the site was forced via a gate and the intruders then broke into the main building. It is not known at this stage whether anything has been stolen.

Police have informed mosque representatives and are currently guarding the site and carrying out local reassurance patrols. Forensic examinations are ongoing.

North Worcestershire police commander, Superintendent Kevin Purcell, said: “For as long as I can remember the relationship between the Muslim community in Redditch, the police and the wider community would best be described as excellent.

Photo from BBC news website

Photo from BBC news website

“Due to incidents happening nationally targeted patrols have been put in place and these will now be further increased as we will not tolerate mindless attacks of this nature.

“I will be arranging meetings with the chairs of the mosques, local civic leaders and the Independent Advisory Group to reassure them of our commitment and determination to do everything possible to prevent any further such incidents and track down those responsible for this attack.”

Meanwhile in Worcester..

Two women subjected to “vile tirade” of racist abuse

 Do you know man who racially assaulted taxi driver?

 New image of man who racially assaulted taxi driver in Worcester

EDL’s response to the arson attack on Muswell Hill community centre June 5th (updated)

"EDL" painted on wall of centre shortly before arson attack

“EDL” painted on wall of community centre shortly before the arson attack which happened at roughly 3:00am on June 5th


510083 510084 510085 510086 510087

Wednesday evening's final post from the neo-nazis 'casuals united'

Wednesday evening’s final facebook post from ‘casuals united’

War memorial in London is desecrated hours after the arson attack with the words "LEE RIGBY KILLERS SHUD HANG"

War memorial in London is desecrated around 4:20am shortly after the Muswell Hill arson attack with the words “LEE RIGBY KILLERS SHUD HANG”

London June 6th 2013

London June 6th 2013 outside the Old Bailey

June 8th: EDL in Lincoln chant “Burn the mosque

June 9th: Suspicious fire at south east London islamic boarding school

June 10th: Four Arrested on Suspicion of Arson over Fire at Darul Uloom Islamic Boarding School

June 17th: Grimsby Mosque attack: Third man arrested

June 20th: Former soldier banned from every mosque in Wales and England over arson attempt

June 20th: Cheltenham man charged with mosque ‘hate crime’

June 20th: Two charged over mosque incidents

June 26thSwastikas sprayed on walls and windows of Redditch mosque during break-in

June 27th: Arrest in explosive device find near Walsall mosque

June 28th: Jailed: men who attacked Poole mosque sentenced to four months in prison

June 30thMuslim graves at Christchurch Cemetery, Newport, desecrated by racist vandals

July 1st: Police seek racists who left pig heads in Bradford Muslim family garden

July 3rd Racist graffiti is left on mosque (Cradley Heath)

July 10th Grimsby man ‘lost everything’ over mosque comment

July 10th Footballer jailed over anti-Muslim tweets in wake of Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder

July 10th Kirkcaldy muslim centre targeted in hate crime

July 12th Nails found after ‘terror’ explosion near Tipton mosque

Keep up to date with these stories and more at EDL Criminals – Exposed

40 EDL knuckledraggers in Redditch flop

“DESPITE some early unrest and a number of arrests the EDL march passed off largely peacefully. Around 40 EDL supporters gathered for an assembly at the bandstand and about 200 counter demonstrators gathered in Easemore Road.

By the time the assemblies had dispersed there had been only three arrests – one for a breach of the peace and two on suspicion of assault.They were all men and believed to have been attached to the counter EDL demonstration. All three were taken to a police station in Worcestershire.

After listening to speeches at the bandstand, EDL supporters were escorted by police back to the railway station where they had arrived earlier. Counter demonstrators then held a short gathering at the bandstand before dispersing.

Superintendent Adrian Pass of West Mercia Police said: “There were very few problems during the build-up to and during the assemblies and there have been no reports of damage to property. “The success of the operation is due to a number of factors, not least the support from partner agencies who helped in preparing the town for  today’s event and the fantastic co-operation we have had from the public.

“A significant number of officers and staff were involved in policing the protest and we would like to pay tribute to the professionalism of our colleagues from British Transport Police and neighbouring forces who were involved.

We are grateful for their support.” Superintendent Pass said that in the main supporters of both rallies had been good natured and officers had encountered very few problems. He said: “I realise that this has been a challenging time for everybody but the fact that the demonstrations have passed off largely without incident vindicates the decisions taken by us and our partners while planning our operation.

“What arrests there have been have followed isolated incidents and our officers on the ground responded to these and dealt with them quickly and robustly. “This was a great effort by the whole community and it is a tribute to all those involved that the town is calm and everything is returning to normal so quickly.””

Report taken from The Redditch Advertiser ..pics from elsewhere.

Update – There are now plans to set-up a Redditch Against Fascism group according to this article in The Redditch Standard.

Oppose the EDL in Redditch on Saturday

If you’ve got nothing better to do on Saturday…

“On Saturday 26th May the English Defence League are holding their postponed regional demo in Redditch. It’s only a ‘West Mids regional demo,’ so numbers won’t be huge – even more reason to get there and show your opposition.

They’ve posted all of their plans (included parking plans, times and locations etc) online…

“The location of demo is bandstand redditch town center inbetween church green west and church green eastCar minibus and motorbike parking is free please park at redditch train station car park on unicorn hill B97 4RB
please be there around 11.45am no later than 12.30pmTrain passengers should get off at redditch train station B97 4RB and book your train to arrive at 11.45am and no later than 12.15pm
where you will be met by edl stewards and gather in redditch train station car park till 1pmAnyone traveling by train either get an all day return ticket or book return train between 3.00pm and 4.00pm

At 1.00pm everyone will march up unicorn hill then onto church green west into the bandstand area for the demo

At about 1.10pm the demo will start with the Legendary tony curtis on the stage and a few others

After demo all patriots will march back to redditch train station to make there way home by edl stewards

Due to west mercia police,s higheraki and redditch council all pubs in redditch will be closed from 10.00am till 4.00pm
you can bring your own drinks and have a drink on the carpark before and after demo
but there is a alcahol ban in redditch center itself so no alcahol at demo or on march so bring other beverages with you”

…go get ’em…

Originally posted on Indymedia 

Jeff Monson – anarchist MMA fighter – in the UK

UPDATE: Event has been postponed at the last minute due to non-availability of flights to the UK. Rescheduled for the weekend of 25th.

Jeff Monson, the legendary Mixed Martial Artist and anarchist is returning to the UK in March and holding a number of seminars (as well as headlining the Olympian MMA Championships, Liverpool).

One of these is being organised by the anarchist and anti-fascist inspired Black Rose Martial Arts Cooperative.

Black Rose, based in Whitechapel East London and connected to ALARM, has the honour of holding two events on Sunday 11th March. During the daytime there will be a special training seminar with Jeff at a hired gym for Black Rose regulars, while in the evening he will be talking about his politics and martial arts at LARC. Anarchists and radicals are invited to this unique event which will be free, although donations would be welcome.

Jeff Monson at Black Rose-

Sunday 11th March – 6pm

London Action Resouce Centre (LARC)

62 Fieldgate Street
London E1 1ES

Elsewhere – 

Jeff is also doing a number of talks and seminars closer to home.

He is taking part in an MMA seminar in Redditch between 2-5pm on Saturday 10th March, at Thaitans Martial Arts.

Afterwards Jeff is doing a ‘Sport & Politics’ talk in Birmingham.  This takes place between 7-8.30pm at –

Lamp Tavern

257 Barford Street,

Birmingham, B5 6AH

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