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International anti-fascist activity round up


British National Party chairman, Nick Griffin, was due to take part in a debate organised by the Philosophical Society at Trinity College Dublin, last month. But they withdrew the invitation after a “careful review of operational and safety issues” and objections by staff and students. This was in no small part due to the actions of Dublin anti-fascists. Anti-Fascist Action Ireland said; 

“Last night, 13th October, thirty AFA members and supporters called into the weekly PhilSoc debate, as part of a campaign against Griffin’s invitation. We feel that this proved to be the tipping point for PhilSoc and the college authorities to withdraw the invitation.
This direct action was the culmination of a number of weeks work by AFA which included a mass email campaign, the production of several hundred stickers and the setting up of a Facebook page, entitled ‘No Platform For Nazi Nick Griffin in Dublin’, which attracted over 580 people.”

Griffin has lodged a complaint with the gardaí.

Anti-Fascist Action Ireland recently hosted a successful speaking tour by Swedish anti-fascist, Paul Hull. The tour covered recent trends in fascist organising across Europe, including ‘Autonomous Nationalism,’ the EDL, and the Norwegian massacre. You can listen to the talk made in Derry here.

For more go to the AFA Ireland website.


On 12th October neo-Nazis were holding a gig in Barcelona. Anti-fascists turned out to get involved in some music making of their own and as a result 3 of the neo-Nazis ended up needing medical treatment. 2 anti-fascists were arrested. Thankfully a few film crews were on hand to capture the scenes…


On 29th October a small group of neo-Nazis turned up at the Occupy Seattle protest camp. When asked to leave they refused but a bit of persuasion by fists and a few head-cracking sticks forced them to flee, bloodied and bruised.


German and Polish anti-fascist groups are set to join together on Friday to oppose a march and commemoration by far-right groups in Warsaw. The Polish Independence Day march in Warsaw is being organised by the All Polish Youth group and the National Radical Camp, both of which have been regularly accused of racism and homophobia. News of events on the day will be posted on here afterwards.

Swedish Anti-Fascist speaking in UK & Ireland

Our comrades in Anti-Fascist Action Ireland are hosting a speaking tour by veteran Swedish anti-fascist, Paul Hull. Whilst most of the dates are over in Ireland, you can see Paul speak at the London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 22nd October. On the 20th October, Nick Griffin of the British National Party is due to speak at Trinity College in Dublin. We wish our comrades the best of luck with whatever they do that day and with the rest of the speaking tour. See the poster below for more information.

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